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Conference to mark IWF’s 50th anniversary - 15 to 17 May 2023

IWF is planning a World Leadership Conference in New York to mark the organisation’s 50th anniversary. Members from forums around the world are expected to attend this landmark conference and gala.

“Over five decades the International Women’s Forum and our members have been in the forefront of change – breaking the glass ceiling across professions around the world, proving not only that women lead but women lead differently and gender balance at every level of leadership makes stronger business, stronger societies and a better world,” IWF Global said.

“In recent years the velocity of change, especially driven by technology, has impacted every country and every sector. It’s only fitting that our 50th Anniversary Conference address change and how women at the top are making change a force for good.” It added.

Sessions include women changing the worlds of

· Technology

· Healthcare

· Media

· Society

· The world of work

· Fashion


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